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What do you look for in an employer

There are three Cs to getting the kind of job you want and earning the kind of money you want to earn. These three Cs basically remain constant throughout your working career. Every employer has had a certain amount of experience with both good and bad employees. For this reason every employer has a pretty good idea of what he or she wants more of.

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Most Important Qualities in a New Employer

Top employers should have the ability to bring the best out of their employees. They should have a concrete vision of their careers to inspire confidence in new employees. One of the best ways of learning about any organization is finding out how they prepare their employees for the future. When an organization intends growth and development, it needs people who can be moved up to the ranks. The people needed are those that are already trained and have the competence of handling responsibilities.

Career development is a key motivator for candidates committing to an employer. It facilitates the growth, development of a candidate in a holistic manner-both as a person and professionally. According to a Deloitte study , most of the job seekers want to engage with an organization that can invest meaningfully in their employees. A good employer should be conscious of the general environment they operate in and should not be self-centered.

The employer should cultivate a healthy culture within all the team members. This includes giving back to the community, engaging in charity programs and even helping their team members when faced with challenges. A survey by Deloitte indicates that most employees are looking for an employee who makes a difference in the world.

When you see or read some of the high-profile start-ups like Facebook or Google, what is one common thing about their work space? Leadership is an invaluable characteristic that often gets overlooked by potential employers.

Having a leader or an individual who can mentor, instruct, advise, show the right direction and even encourage, can go a long way in cultivating a healthy and vibrant culture in any organization. Additionally, candidates may look up to the leadership for inspiration and might be inclined to take a job offer from the organization.

No candidate wants to work for an organization that does not register profits. One sign of an employee with a sustainable organization is one who steadily hires and fires employees.

This makes the employees understand that they have to let some of the workers go, but an organization with a history of layoff is a total turn-off to most employees. Job candidates often prefer employers who afford their employees to has meaningful lives outside the office. An employer should not overload his employee with responsibilities and jobs that clutter their personal affairs. Tuesday, May 12, Contact Us. You Can Get Hired. Sign in. Post comment. Newest Oldest. Job Ads.

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6 traits millennials should look for in a new employer

That amazing time of year is finally upon us — graduation. Every year, hundreds if not thousands of hopeful students walk across the stage and dream of creating a fantastic career for themselves. Are you ready for them? As new graduates enter the workforce a great competition between companies to get the newest and best talent emerges.

You know that the type of company you work for can affect your overall job satisfaction. If you want to be happy and fulfilled at work, then your employer should have the following traits. Whether you work for a large or a small company, your employer should always keep you in the loop in terms of company performance and goals.

There are three key employer characteristics a job seeker should look for in an employment relationship: reputation, career advancement and work balance. These often show up in employment surveys as being most important for candidates. If you want to find out how a potential employer stacks up when it comes to these three things, you can research its websites, read articles about the company and develop a list of questions before each interview. There are many factors to consider when evaluating a company's reputation.

What to Look for in a New Employer

Here are some steps to consider taking whether you're searching for a job, need gig work quickly or have been asked to work from home. Many employers are hiring now to fill urgent talent needs. Here's our list of companies hiring now. As our daily lives shift with the spread of COVID, you may require the support of unemployment benefits. Here are several steps you can take to find the help you need when leaving a job. Indeed Community. Indeed Community : Career Tips : Interview Tips : interviewing for a new job, worried about current hostile employer.

How to make a great first impression on employers

As a job seeker, you probably apply to coveted organizations, try to hit up as many networking events as possible, and nurture your online reputation quite a bit. However, have you ever sat down and asked yourself a very important question: What do I want out of an employer? Understanding what you want out of an employer can help you to pinpoint the right organizations, identify the best roles, and assist with your overall professional happiness. Check out the following tips:. Tip: Check out the company history, and scour the website for evidence of company culture, values, and past practices.

What makes a good employee? While the response may differ from manager to manager and company, one constant holds true — employers want employees who are dependable, trustworthy, and good at their jobs.

Being passionate about your job will help you feel fulfilled and make it easier to get up and go to work each and every day. Make sure that your role is meaningful to you and that the company inspires you to do your very best. Is it a pleasant, well-lit, comfortable place to work?

What Do Employers Want from Their Employees?

That means understanding what you want and need in a job and an employer, before you start scheduling interviews and practicing your elevator speech. The first step is to do a little soul-searching. To figure out the kind of environment will make you happy and successful, ask yourself these questions:.

Be mindful of how you present to others. This includes how you appear on social media. Make sure your profiles show you in a positive light. Check out our article to find out more about having a positive online presence. Ask questions about the employer's products and services or upcoming projects. Find out what employers are looking for in applicants and how you can better connect with employment opportunities.

Better than money: The Top 10 things we look for in a new job

When hunting for a new job, where you work is just important, if not more, than the specific role your doing. There are many factors to consider when changing roles that get overlooked by new employee which may result in it being a poor match and sending you back to square one; looking for a new role. When looking a new position, stability is by far one of the most attractive qualities a role can offer. You need to be confident in where you work and have the piece of mind that your role is secure and your career. Is it growing?

May 1, - However, do you really have what it takes to attract them in the first place? These days, graduates are looking for specific things within a.

Minimalism has many benefits. It gives freedom, time, and reduces stress. Minimalism also reduces the amount of money required for life. As a result, it provides an opportunity to choose work based on a number of factors—not just the size of the paycheck. Once we learn contentment with less, we are free to weigh any number of factors in choosing work.

12 Factors to Look For in a Job Other than a Paycheck

Top employers should have the ability to bring the best out of their employees. They should have a concrete vision of their careers to inspire confidence in new employees. One of the best ways of learning about any organization is finding out how they prepare their employees for the future. When an organization intends growth and development, it needs people who can be moved up to the ranks.

Top 7 Qualities Employers are Looking for in Candidates

Stability sounds nice, right? The verdict is in. A CNBC All-America Economic Survey found these are the six most important traits millennials should look for in a potential employer: ethics, environmental practices, work-life balance, profitability, diversity and reputation for hiring the best and the brightest employees.

While there is much focus on the qualities and skills that employers look for in employees, not much is said concerning the things job seekers look for in an employer.

From company culture to opportunities for growth, there are several things you should keep in mind when deciding between potential employers. One of the most important things to consider when researching potential employers is how their values align with yours. This is because working for a company is about a lot more than just the hours you put in each day. Many employers list cultural fit as the most important thing they look for when interviewing candidates, and you should put this at the top of your list too. The average American spends around one-third of each weekday at work , so having co-workers you get along with is a key part of being happy at your job.



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