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Single woman travel bali

I am a single woman and am thinking about going to Bali in Sept. Any suggestions or ideas about what to do, I have never been before. Is it safe for me to go alone? Also, do I need special paperwork other than a passport to go?

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Solo Female Travel - Bali - Bali Forum

Although I have traveled almost the entire planet, I found my first trip to Bali quite exciting. Despite this not being my first time in Asia, it was my first time alone in Asia. Looking back at it, it appears that I should not have worried about traveling on my own in Bali.

Not as a woman either. That is why I wrote this post for Bali for beginners, just to put you at ease if you are traveling alone or as a woman. I sent him a WhatsApp message and we agreed that he would come to pick me up and drive me to Ubud. Along the way we stopped at a store, an ATM and he explained some things that were good time to know for my first time in Bali. In short: arrange a transfer in advance, which saves you a lot of stress on arrival. Send me an email! Then book a hotel near Denpasar airport and continue your journey the next morning.

Since I find myself too old to spend the night in hostels in dorm rooms, I usually sleep in midrange or luxury hotels in Bali. What you should pay attention to when booking accommodation in Bali is of course very personal. In addition, I always check whether there is airco in the room and whether breakfast is included. Oh and wifi in the room, because that is not a standard everywhere.

I usually make a reservation through Booking. Looking for a good hotel in Ubud? Then check this article with my tips incl.

Owww and do yourself a favor … book an amazing hotel with infinity pool for yourself and enjoy it! I treated myself last year to a stay at The Hamsa near Lovina. As you have to pay an X amount to your bank every time you grab cash from an ATM, I usually take out the maximum. Small notes are highly looked for eg those of 10, and 20, and I always keep them for taxi rides for example, since taxi drivers often pretend that they have no change.

In addition, it is often the case that prices on a menu are exclusive of tax and service. So check the bill before you pay because a tip is no longer necessary but is appreciated. If you do not want to go out with a scooterbike yourself, you can choose to go on a tour and discover the best pieces of Bali. I did this, for example, while cycling on Bali and while climbing Mount Batur. Tours are offered everywhere on the street by small agencies, but the quality of the trips can vary enormously.

Check whether there is a minimum number of participants and, if so, whether this has already been reached so that the tour of your choice will happen and not be canceled at the last minute. Occasionally I only paid when I was picked up at the hotel. In terms of price, never pay the initial price they ask, about half of it or somewhere in between is better.

The taxi world in Bali is a special one. Services like Uber and Grab are unprecedentedly popular but not permitted in many places. This makes it sometimes difficult to arrange a taxi the cheap way. For longer transfers I usually contacted Ketut who then brought me somewhere for an agreed amount, but I also regularly took a taxi. In many places you are offered unsolicited transport, I used this regularly but always on the basis of intuition.

Renting a car is not an option, renting a motorbike is. Remember that there are no real traffic rules in Bali and that you are not the first tourist to experience a motorbike accident, so be especially careful, especially if you have no experience with riding a motorbike. In addition, it applies to many countries that you must be in the possession of a motorcycle driving license in the Netherlands, you need to get this next to your regular license in order to be able to drive in accordance with the conditions of your travel insurance.

So always double check check if your motorbike is insured with your travel insurance because in many cases, it may not be. Also, remember that the distances on Bali may seem small, but that a journey of around 50 kilometers can take hours. And I mean literally hours. Just something to keep in mind during your trip to Bali! If you want traditional food, choose a warung, a local eatery. Western food is generally easy to find, especially in the known places, but is often more expensive.

Since after three weeks I was a bit fed up with rice and noodles, I often opted for a restaurant where I could eat a sandwich or salad. Breakfast is normally included in your hotel and can vary from a simple banana pancake to an extensive breakfast buffet.

Tap water is not safe to drink, but you can buy bottled water everywhere or have your water bottle filled in many places. The coffee is usually very strong and dark stuff. Nowadays they also have fancy espresso machines in more and more places, which I really got to enjoy!

Where you should to go is entirely up to your own interests. If you want a beach, I advise you to choose Canggu and skip busy tourist spots like Kuta and Seminyak. Canggu is a laid back village with beautiful beaches where surfers brave the waves until late at night.

Both times I have been to Bali in Canggu, I can always enjoy the vibe that hangs here. Are you looking for a nice place to spend the night in Canggu?

There are few large hotels and resorts, you will find small homestays and local accommodation in particular. I had a super nice homestay in Canggu right on the rice fields: Pondok Homestay. Do you want a beautiful white sand beach and bright blue water?

I stayed on Gili Air and I loved it. Here you can read more about my visit to Gili Air. Ubud is a place not to be missed but not loved by everyone because of the crowds. Yet it is a nice base for various trips to the Batur volcano and the various waterfalls, as well as the beautiful rice fields of Jatiluwih. If you want to see more rice fields, I advise you to go to Sidemen , this is also called the Ubud from 15 years ago.

It is super quiet and it is beautifully situated. I personally like to go to Bali and I have seldom felt uncomfortable there. I am also not waving my phone around and I am aware of my surroundings. They are all logical things, but I still wanted to mention them.

However, I found this a lot less intimidating here than in other places in Asia. In addition, of course you just have to follow the rules on Bali regarding visits to temples, clothing and things like that. Short pants and bare shoulders are not done in many sacred places and, for example, at the hot springs of Banjar Lovina that I visited, you are often only allowed in when you wear clothing. If you obey these rules and respect the laws, you will experience Bali at its best.

It actually happened to me both times I was there. The first time during my stay in Sidemen in and more recently in when I was in Ubud. Unfortunately, earthquakes are a natural phenomenon that occur regularly.

For example, during my last trip I was shaking in my bed and I felt a slight panic. In the end it turned out not to be super heavy but it just felt like that. I then found all the information about the quake and its power on Twitter, so that is also your best source of information when you experience a quake earthquake brings you to various sites where all quakes are registered. Unfortunately, I ended up in this situation in However, I can tell you about my experience just to make you more aware.

I had a tourist visa for 30 days and my plane ticket turned out to be 33 days. So I took a bet, adviced by of other travelers, to attempt an overstay in Bali, or an illegal stay of 3 days. Looking back at it, it was of course super stupid since I had quite a stress about it, both during the trip and after coming home. In general, the sanctions for the Dutch seem to be better than for some other countries, but there are stories of people who have to go to jail because they overstayed their visa in Bali.

On departure I received a fine and a warning that I should have had my papers fixed earlier. When I recently arrived in Bali again, I felt really uncomfortable and I was even a bit scared that I would not be admitted because of my overstay in Bali that year before. In short: my three day overstay in Bali caused a lot of stress for something that could easily have been prevented by arranging my visa in advance.

Not worth it at all. I hope you found this Bali travel blog useful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. This article contains affiliate links. If you make a reservation through one of these links, I will receive a small commission for you at no extra cost! How can I email you to get the contact information for Ketut? I am travelling to Bali as solo female and arrive late at night. Need transportation to my hotel near the airport.

Thank You Vonnie Green. Could I get the contact information for Ketut please? I arrive in Denpasar around 10 pm in december and need to get to Ubud.

I really appreciate you to share this Bali guide. It is very helpful to plan a journey to Bali Indonesia. Hello, planning to go here in January solo, just wondered how easy it is to communicate with people there like the taxi drivers, do they speak english at all? Yes you can, Bali is quite easy to travel and many people who work in tourism can speak basic English.

Is it ok for a single woman to travel to Bali alone Sept? - Bali Forum

This island of awesome is chilled out, friendly, safe, and teeming with fellow backpackers who are just waiting to become your new BFF. Not only do you have the freedom to do what you want when you want, but you also get to create meaningful, new relationships while learning all about yourself in the process. Finding a spiritual connection is a huuuuge deal on this island, which is why Bali is full of awesome spots for yoga, massages, journaling, meditation, and more.

The Island of the Gods offers a vast range of activities for solo travellers and for all tastes: outdoor adventures, hikes, surfing, festivals, together with coworking spaces, yoga retreats and many local cultural activities. No matter what - the atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming. Here is our guide on how to solo travel in Bali.

There are many areas in this popular holiday destination where you can avoid the crowds and simply enjoy vacationing in a diverse and laid-back part of the world. Black Pearl Hostel : Located in Canggu and within a short walk to Echo Beach, this hostel has a beautiful pool and offers a restaurant, free WiFi, an outdoor swimming pool, plus garden and pool view terraces. Kos One Hostel : This is a very trendy and design-centric hostel — it has a beautiful pool and a stunning buffet breakfast. La Boheme Canggu : This property also has one of the top-rated locations in Canggu! WW Backpackers : A high-rated hostel in Ubud, very central to all the sites.

Why to consider solo travel in Bali (and what to expect)

Bali seemed like one of those destinations where couples would be walking through rice fields hand in hand and swimming in luxurious infinity pools together. As soon as I arrived to Bali, my apprehensions flew out of the window. There are a variety of day-trips, classes, and cultural sights that are easy enough to join whether you visit with friends or take the plunge to go solo. More importantly, I never experienced any issues with safety as long I kept my wits about me. I quickly discovered that Bali might be the perfect travel destination for solo travelers who wanted to spend time alone while meeting other travelers at the same time. After spending a hefty amount on taxis, I discovered that traveling with a group tour through Bali made transportation much easier and cost-efficient. I was able to venture places I could have never gone on my own. When it comes to accommodation options, you can really get a feel for the local life if you opt for a traditional Balinese home. On the other hand, you get can stay in an epic villa at a relatively low price. I found Ubud to be extremely relaxing once you get outside of the main tourist strip.

Travel Pockets - From Hidden Gems to Fashion Trends!

Understandably, safety remains to be the main concern for female travelers, particularly for women traveling alone. More and more visitors are finding their way to Bali to explore the breathtaking mountain villages , rice paddies and the marine world that surrounds this stunning island. Bali is without a doubt, gorgeous, awe-inspiring, and heart-warming. So if you are a single traveler wondering if Bali is the right destination for you, worry not.

Continually infused with wafting incense, Bali is a place where the very air itself feels pregnant with prayer. It is a place to step out of the mind and into the stillness of body and spirit.

I am a single woman and am thinking about going to Bali in Sept. Any suggestions or ideas about what to do, I have never been before. Is it safe for me to go alone? Also, do I need special paperwork other than a passport to go?

The Ultimate Bali Solo Travel Guide

I am a single woman in my mid 20s, first time traveling abroad and solo to Bali. Clear water nice beaches would be a bonus. I would avoid group tours per se. They are often priced "per person" the same as having a private driver to yourself for the day IDRk.

We're sisters with a passion for travel and fashion. We love to share our tips on hidden gems and the latest fashion trends. I had a series of bad events happen to me this year, including a breakup, and was having a difficult time dealing with everything. I was alone, depressed and heartbroken, so I needed to venture out somewhere and go on a solo trip to get myself out of this funk. I started doing some research and looked into Europe at first. I needed something more spiritual.

10 Practical and Useful Tips for Your Bali Solo Female Travel

Bali is becoming a popular destination for solo travellers. To help you plan a trip, below is our guide to how to travel solo in Bali as well as lots of practical information such as where to stay, which tour company to use and how to get around. Find out how to get from the airports and what to do in each place. All companies included have been recommended by solo female travellers and come with our Solo Female Friendly endorsement. Just choose the relevant section or read the full article. By booking through this page you are helping to improve the lives of vulnerable girls about the globe. Thanks for helping.

Here's a guide to tips for women travelers in Bali - everything you need to know. While traveling around the island, dress appropriately so as not to offend. Bali and Lombok are generally safe and single travelers face no real threat or.

Trying to plan a day trip to Bali end of month and a bit stressed with planning since its so last minute. I need your expert tips to help me plan an itinerary. Oh and maybe a visit to a monkey forest would be neat! I'm open to hearing about any other unique things to do.

10 Reasons Why Bali Is Perfect For Solo Women Travelers

Although I have traveled almost the entire planet, I found my first trip to Bali quite exciting. Despite this not being my first time in Asia, it was my first time alone in Asia. Looking back at it, it appears that I should not have worried about traveling on my own in Bali. Not as a woman either.

Female Solo Traveler in Bali – What to Do & Where to Go?

Bali has become incredibly popular for solo female travellers to visit after the success of Eat, Pray, Love — Brooke Ferguson gives some practical tips on what to expect on the Island Of the Gods. Brooke at Mount Agung. I had been curious before, but her description of the country led me to believe that it was something to be experienced in real life, not just through a book. Instead, go just outside of where all of the taxis are lined up, and into the parking lot.

Solo woman travel is on the rise. Traveling alone is a paradox because we do it to connect— to ourselves, to nature, and to the loving and unseen forces of the universe.

For the female traveler, Bali is a safe island to discover on your own or in a group. On the whole, Balinese men are fairly benign to the appearance of Western women however we are seeing an increase in visitors from neighboring countries who have come to work on the building sites and in the fields that think nothing of wolf whistling, cat-calling, and making lewd propositions. Most of them are harmless but you should be vigilant when walking around at night in areas where these men hang out. The only people to be wary of are the Kuta cowboys, men who prey on woman looking to establish a relationship. For them, this is an opportunity to obtain some well-needed funds and have some fun at someone else's expense.



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