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The Complete Guide to INFJ & INTJ Relationships

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We all experience falling in love and being in relationships in our own unique ways. For the INFJ love is often an important thing, but it can be difficult for them to really find it, since they do have high standards for what they want in these types of relationships. INFJs in relationships definitely have a unique set of values and ways in which they give and receive.

So here are some things you should know about how the INFJ falls in love, and how they respond to this. INFJs are often idealistists, especially when it comes to their romantic relationships. They invest so much into this idea of what love should be, and so it becomes hard for them to really deal with these expectations at times. This can lead to them feeling disappointed later in the relationship, but they struggle to really let go even if they feel they should.

The INFJ idealist does expect a lot from falling in love and from their connections, simply because they can often build this up in their minds. When they spend a lot of time imagining what it could be like to truly fall in love with someone, and want to become wrapped up in this.

INFJs definitely fall in love hard when they do, but this does not happen quickly. They often take time before really opening up to someone, and so falling in love can be a slow process for the INFJ. When they truly fall for someone they want to be sure that this is for real, and often take time before they can trust someone enough to let them into their hearts. While INFJs might not fall fast, when they do fall for someone it is something which means very much to them.

They feel everything so deeply, and so for them falling in love is a very serious and intense experience. They often put everything they have into the person they fall for, and truly want to give their hearts openly. INFJs want to do anything they can to make this person happy and to immerse themselves into these feelings.

While INFJs take awhile to fall in love, once they do letting go can be deeply challenging for them. This is often why they can be so hesistent to jump into love, because having to let go can be heartbreaking and effect the INFJ for a long time. When they love someone the INFJ might feel this for a long time even after things have ended, even after they have found a way to appear as if they have moved on.

While they might not want others to know that they are struggling to let go, deep down it can take much longer for the INFJ. When they fall in love, this is something which reaches the depths of their heart and soul, making it a part of who they are for a long time to come. Most INFJs can appear to be cynics on the outside, while deep down they often possess the heart of a true romantic.

They use their minds and can be rather logical people, and so they might not openly express these more sentimental or emotional parts of themselves outwardly. INFJs really are contradicting people most of the time, and so they can possess both cynical and highly romantic qualities. They will make consistently cynical comments and behave as if they are someone who does not believe in true love, and might even be hesitant to take a risk on it. Deep down most INFJs believe in love, even to the point of valuing it above everything else, even their sanity.

They believe in romance and really dream of being able to let go and drown in these emotions. They do often dream of this type of love, one they can really ignore the rest of the world for and experience with every fiber of their being. For the INFJ this type of love is something they might desire, but can be a bit fearful of at times. They know that if they let themselves truly fall, this means they can end up with a badly broken heart in the end of it all.

While INFJs might have some contradicting feelings about love and the way they really fall into it, they do give everything when they are in love with someone. INFJs give a lot of themselves to those around them, and really believe in doing whatever it takes to make these people happy.

When the INFJ falls in love it is no different, it might even be a bit more intense for them. They want to make the object of their objection happy in any and every way possible.

INFJs will work hard to please their partner, and want to find ways to provide for them and bring them joy. For the INFJ this can actually be a lot of pressure when they are in love, since they want to live up to these expectations they set for themselves. INFJs have big hearts and will often do anything for the people they love, and so being in love only amplifies these emotions.

This is why it matters who they fall in love with and they might be fearful of it at first. Because the INFJ can fall so hard that they give all of themselves to someone, losing parts of who they are in the process. When the INFJ finds the right person it can be a truly magical experience, drawing this person into their own bubble and their own inner world. The way they fall in love is often a rare process, something which can enrich the lives of those around them in such a unique way.

For the INFJ falling in love might be frightening, but they definitely experience it intensely. They Give Everything While INFJs might have some contradicting feelings about love and the way they really fall into it, they do give everything when they are in love with someone.

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INFJ Weaknesses

Andrea loves to write about the zodiac and research astrological love compatibility. She's been an online writer for over five years. For every Myers-Briggs personality, there's a counterpart that makes an almost perfect fit the key is in the functions. Relationships struggle if people don't have at least one pair of similar or dominant functions that guide them. These two thrive on metaphors, abstractions, and the creative.

That changed when I started dating an INFJ —someone who is like me in so, so many ways, yet as different as the sun and the moon in others. As a result, this pairing is a common one as common as any pairing can be for such rare personality types. Together, we get to let our quirky sides out and indulge our flights of fancy—without giving up our generally organized lives.

People of the following types are more likely than most to share the INFJ's values, interests, and general approach to life. They won't necessarily agree on everything, and there's no guarantee they'll always get along, but they're more likely to feel an easy rapport and have plenty of things in common. People of the following types are likely to strike the INFJ as similar in character, but with some key differences which may make them seem especially intriguing. The INFJ may find people of these types particularly interesting and attractive to get to know. Relationships between INFJs and these types should have a good balance of commonalities and opportunities to challenge one another.

Why the ENFP and INFJ Are Perfect for Each Other

INFJ personality types are enigmas. Few people understand what loving an INFJ entails, but those who are willing to try are well aware of the benefits of such a deep, meaningful and committed relationship. Those few who are in relationships with this rare Myers-Briggs personality type often seek advice and answers to help them understand their partner more clearly. Whether you are an INFJ trying to better understand yourself or are seeking to grow closer to one, the following information, resources and pointers will hopefully help you feel a little more fulfilled in your relationship. The first step to any fulfilling relationship with an INFJ is to understand as much as you can about the personality type. Even though there is a lot to grasp about the INFJ mind, it is helpful to start with a quick overview of what makes them tick. The best way to do this is to look at their main cognitive functions:.

Guide to INFJ Relationships

The INFJ female is an intense, passionate woman. Still, the woman keeps trying. If she finally meets a man with a compatible personality and finds him moderately attractive, the connection usually strengthens. The INFJ woman is compassionate, intelligent, and creative. While she longs for a perfect relationship, she seldom achieves her goal.

We all experience falling in love and being in relationships in our own unique ways.

INFJs are warm and affirming people who are usually also deep and complex. They're likely to seek out and promote relationships that are intense and meaningful. They tend to be perfectionists, and are always striving for the Ultimate Relationship.

What Do INFJs Want in a Relationship?

INFJs are constantly evaluating their relationships, keeping at least one finger on the pulse of the relationship at all times. They really struggle with partners that either cannot or will not communicate. Conversely, they also need to be able to feel comfortable communicating with their partners. INFJs are surprisingly verbal more so than any of the other introverts , and they need clearance to speak candidly about their perceptions, even at the risk of offending of their partners.

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When it comes to romantic relationships, Advocates take the process of finding a partner seriously. Not ones for casual encounters, people with the Advocate personality type instead look for depth and meaning in their relationships. Advocates will take the time necessary to find someone with whom they truly connect. Getting to that point can sometimes be a challenge for potential partners, especially if they are impatient types, as Advocates are often perfectionistic and picky. Even worse is if their partner tries to resort to manipulation or lying, as Advocates will see right through it.

Romantic Relationships

How compatible are INFJs with other personality types? Not sure what your personality type is? Take our new personality questionnaire here. Literally any type! However, each pairing is going to have some pros and cons and unique struggles. Read up on the following assessments to get a closer look! Ideas will abound in this exciting relationship.

Dec 5, - The INFJ female is an intense, passionate woman. While she longs for a perfect relationship, she seldom achieves her goal. maturity to wait until the right man comes along is much more likely to find the match she seeks.

INFJs are outwardly warm and engaging. Due to their extraversion of Feeling Fe , they can readily ingratiate themselves to others. And while forming quick friendships and extensive connections may be the goal for some extraverts, for INFJs, this is not the point at all.

When it comes to dating and relationships, we all want to find someone who's our "best match" — someone who ticks all the compatibility boxes, complements our personality, and understands our quirks. And to do so, we often turn to things like online dating quizzes and love horoscopes. But, in case you didn't know, the most compatible Myers-Briggs personality types can also give you further insight into who you're more likely to have a successful connection with.

Each personality type has their own way of flirting and connecting with others. When it comes to romance not everyone approaches it the same or even shares the same relationship values. INFJs have a very unique approach to romantic entanglements, but they do value them very much.





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