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Here are some things you can do to feel gorgeous again. Here are a few ways to get into the mindset of feeling gorgeous, even on the worst of days. Confidence is the reason that some people always manage to be the center of attention, regardless of what they look like. If you want to look the part, you need to act it, so banish negative thoughts and start giving yourself positive reassurances throughout the day. Focus on the attributes you really like about yourself, and dismiss any negative thoughts about your looks that may cross your mind. An instant mood-booster, and another way to look beautiful, is to smile.


How to Look Beautiful Naturally with Attitude, Exercise, Nutrition and Makeup (Video)

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Cassandra McClure. Thin eyeliner is in right now. If you're in a rush or you only have a little bit of socket space, you can go for a thin line of eyeliner. Radiant natural skin is in and that is paired with a simpler eye look that enhances the natural lash line. Random Article. Home Random Terms of Use. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. This article was co-authored by Cassandra McClure. Cassandra McClure is a clean beauty advocate, working to increase use of sustainable and healthy cosmetics, based in Palo Alto, California.

She has worked in the beauty and cosmetic industries for over 15 years, as a model, makeup artist, and entrepreneur. There are 12 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Method 1 of Fake a shower. Quickly wash your face, then wipe your body down with baby wipes to remove any odors. Cover your body with lotion to hide any smells and also to moisturize your skin. If you see any makeup remaining on your face after your face wash, remove it with makeup remover.

Make sure to apply moisturizer to your face and hands as well as your body. Get dressed. Choose an outfit that is easy to throw on, while still being stylish and flattering. Wear an outfit that is all black for a fashionable look that you can put together in a hurry.

Add an accessory. It will only take a second to put on, and adding some texture to your clothing will make it seem like you put some thought into your outfit. Do your hair. Depending on your mood, either roll your hair into a sleek sock bun, or manipulate it into a messy top knot. Put your hair into a high ponytail and slide the sock or bun form over the ends of your hair.

Roll the sock down the length of your hair until all your hair is held in place. Use bobby-pins to pin the sock bun in place. Spray your hair with a texturizing cream before putting your hair in a top knot. The cream will help create more volume and will make your messy top knot look effortlessly chic.

Do one minute makeup. If you have an all-over color stick, run the stick along your eyelids, lips and cheekbones and blend. This will give you a fresh-faced rosy look that will take only one minute to apply. If your eyebrows are your most powerful facial feature, spend your time brushing and filling them in. Method 2 of Moisturize your face. Start with a clean and dry face. Quickly massage your face to reduce puffiness and clear away excess fluid.

Apply your moisturizer of choice to your face and neck, making sure to apply the moisturizer to the center of your face and smooth outwards. Apply the moisturizer either using a brush or your fingers. Using your hands will give you shearer coverage across your face.

Apply liquid highlighter. Liquid highlighter is used to give your face dimension and glow and can be applied very quickly. Draw stripes on your face under your eyes, chin, nose, forehead and in between the bottom of your nose and the top of your mouth.

For your nose, draw one single vertical stripe spanning the length of your nose. For your chin, draw a single vertical stripe centered directly under your mouth. Conceal all blemishes. Use your preferred concealer and a concealer brush to blend the sides of your nose, under your eyes and any other areas of your face that are sporting redness or blemishes.

When blending your concealer, do not rub, but instead pat your skin gently. Apply powder and blush. Brush a loose powder across your face to help set your makeup. Do not spread the powder across your face, but instead try to strategically brush it across the areas where you did not apply highlighter. To isolate your cheekbones, try smiling.

Then apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks by moving your brush in a c-shaped motion. When you finish applying the blush, blend the makeup upwards using either your hands or a makeup sponge. Add extras. If you still have time remaining, complete your normal makeup routine. Add mascara or lipstick. If you like using eyeliner, apply that now. Your skin should look dewy and luscious at this point, so try to keep the extra makeup to a minimum, so as not to disguise from your simple and clean beauty.

Method 3 of Skip the makeup and apply bronzer instead. Use a fan brush to apply bronzer to your cheekbones, hairline, side of your nose and the crease of your eyes. Buy your bronzer at a makeup store where an employee can help you pick out the correct color for your skin tone.

Line your lower eyelid with a nude pencil. If you need to look awake in a hurry, use a freshly sharpened nude pencil and run it along the inner rim of your eyelid. Keep your lines very thin by applying the smallest amount of pressure to the tip of your pencil. Blend the eyeliner carefully, making sure to blend upward and side to side, but never down.

Frontload your evening routine. Try sleeping with a moisturizing mask on so your skin looks fresh and dewy in the morning. Wash and braid your hair at night, so in the morning, you have easy, loose waves. Absolutely nothing.

If you roll out of bed and show up to work or school, you might get a few questions, but ultimately, it doesn't matter. No one will punish you for not taking the time to do your hair and put on makeup, and if they do, that's their problem, not yours.

Yes No. Not Helpful 10 Helpful You already are! These tips are just to enhance your natural beauty; true beauty comes from self-confidence and self-acceptance. Not Helpful 18 Helpful While you're young, start moisturizing your face and using well-reviewed face masks. Get plenty of sleep to reduce puffiness, and sleep on your back. Other than that, just make sure you're clean, and you brush your hair and teeth regularly.

Not Helpful 5 Helpful You could carry around a cosmetics bag. That way, if you need some touch ups you will be ready.

Not Helpful 6 Helpful Just try to make urself beautiful by taking a shower all the time and moisturizing your face.

Not Helpful 23 Helpful Focus on building up your self-confidence and recognize that you don't need makeup to be beautiful. There are lots of steps you can take to give yourself a healthier appearance without it. For example, to make your skin look better, you should wash and moisturize nightly, drink plenty of water throughout the day, and wash your pillowcases every week. Not Helpful 2 Helpful Check out How to Shrink Pores.

Not Helpful 15 Helpful First, figure out what kind of skin type you have. If you're not sure how to do this, you can read wikiHow's article on determining your skin type for some tips. Once you know your skin type, you can do some research on the best moisturizers for that skin type.

How to Look Beautiful and Attractive Naturally

Beauty is truly only skin deep, and at the end of the day, it's pretty meaningless if we don't foster the more lasting parts of our identity, like kindness and intelligence. However, sometimes we just want to feel like we look our best, and for those occasions, there are scientifically verified ways to appear more attractive. As much as I firmly believe that way too much emphasis is placed on physical attributes in our culture, and also think that the media definitely creates unrealistic standards of beauty I'm supposed to hold down a full-time job and look like a Photoshopped celebrity who has a personal chef and trainer?

Do you spend hours every day in front of the mirror to look beautiful? Well, is it possible to ditch your morning routine some days and still end up looking drop-dead gorgeous? The answer is a straight out yes!

Updated: June 23, References. Every girl is beautiful, but sometimes, that's hard to remember. Feeling beautiful is an integral part of looking it, and luckily, there are dozens of little ways we can remind ourselves. Take these daily steps to feel your most confident and gorgeous!

How To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup – 25 Simple Tips

Makeup has a long standing association with the concept of beauty, right from the times of ancient civilizations such as those in Egypt, Greece and the Indus. Trends, however, like the waters of a river flowing are ever changing and if recent shifts are any indication, women across the world are setting aside age-old notions of beauty in order to embrace themselves as they are. Being in important positions of considerable responsibility, from being a mother, a housewife, an artist, a CEO, an entrepreneur, a professor, defence personnel, to being in just about any and every occupation possible, women these days rarely are able to find extra time on their hands to even put on any makeup. One, however, does feel the need to look their very best at all times though. Opt for a wholesome, nutritious diet that includes foods rich in protein such as beans, legumes, soy products, dairy products, especially yoghurt and cheese, and meat products , vitamins A, C, and E carrots, sweet potatoes and greens like kale and spinach are rich in Vitamin-A, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin-C, and foods like almonds, spinach and bell peppers are rich in Vitamin-E , and Omega-3 fatty acids such as cold-water fatty fish, nuts like walnuts and seeds like flaxseed and chia seeds. Not only does water help flush out toxins from your body, and especially your skin, but it also helps replenish skin tissue, improves skin elasticity and reduces inflammation , giving you healthy, youthful-looking and glowing skin. If how to look beautiful is the principal question on your mind, go on, snack and sip right! Apart from the fact that sleep provides your mind and body with some rest and takes you on a joyride to dreamland , getting adequate sleep is extremely essential to the health of your skin as well. While you are asleep, your body produces a number of different hormones and balances them the human growth hormone, responsible for keeping your skin looking youthful and radiant, in the first three hours, the hormone melatonin, which acts as an antioxidant, in the next couple of hours, and in the next three hours during the REM stage, the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, get decreased considerably.

How to Look Naturally Beautiful Without Makeup

Cassandra McClure. Thin eyeliner is in right now. If you're in a rush or you only have a little bit of socket space, you can go for a thin line of eyeliner. Radiant natural skin is in and that is paired with a simpler eye look that enhances the natural lash line.

Last Updated on April 29, Thinking of ways on how to be beautiful naturally?

Updated January, Makeup is a woman's best friend. It exists to brighten your day, boost your ego, and make you feel confident on days when you would otherwise choose to hide inside far from sight.

How to Look Beautiful—Simple Tips to Ace Natural Skin

Are you wondering how to get the natural makeup look? With Spring around the corner the trend will only increase. How do we that?

She starts with attitude and how important having a positive mindset is to looking great. Then, we discuss the importance of nutrition and food supplements for creating a healthy body, full of life and vitality. Ariane also highlights exercise as the basis of looking great and feeling fit after Next, Ariane reminds us of how a great haircut and color that suits your face is a great way to look naturally attractive at any age. Good skincare routines, including exfoliation and deep cleaning are also mentioned as being vital for keeping older skin glowing. Finally, Ariane shares some makeup techniques for older women, including how to choose cosmetics that are perfect for our age.

How to Look Beautiful—Simple Tips to Ace Natural Skin

Just take the time to groom yourself so you look and feel fresh and clean. Then, style and present yourself in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Incorporating healthy habits into your routine can also help achieve natural beauty. There is no doubt that dramatic eye makeup and bright red lipstick can be fun for a night on the town or a fancy event. However, some days call for a more toned down, simple appearance. Throw on a sparkling smile, and you just might choose to rock the au natural look more often!

Apr 6, - Beauty is truly only skin deep, and at the end of the day, it's pretty I also definitely feel more confident when I'm happy about the way I look.

I am sure we all love to look Beautiful and attractive. Attractiveness is not only using deep makeup and chemicals, It is about maintaining health, skin, hair, teeth and your smiley face. In this content, we will discuss a few simple steps that make you beautiful and attractive. We feel very anxious about our appearance. I promise after reading this article you will always look attractive and appealing to your mates who will make you look elegant and good.

You Look Beautiful: How to Look Good Without Makeup

Pimple Trouble The number one rule to dealing with pimples is to stop touching it. Yes, we're all guilty about this habit but we desperately need to stop picking at pimples or rubbing the forehead. Just let your skin breathe, girls. The Golden Rule Every single time you wash your face, follow it up with a moisturiser and a sunscreen before you leave the house.

How to Look Beautiful and Attractive

Feb 27, How to Look Classy. Unless you eat the make-up. Jennifer, this is so beautifully written.



How to Look Good Without Makeup Naturally


10 Natural Ways to Look Beautiful Without Makeup


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