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How to find a man that will take care of you

His whole world. And because he loves her so much. Well the only way you can ever have a man who provides you with these things is if you are truly being who you really are. And the only way to have a man propose marriage to you, give you a diamond ring, or love you to the end of the earth and back, and look at you in that way every woman wants to be looked at, is if you are being yourself. Are you the sexy, gorgeous woman you try to be in facebook photos?

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Wouldn’t You Like A Man To Take Care Of YOU?

Have you ever worked longer than expected because you took pride in your work and wanted to please your boss or client? Have you ever given an expensive gift to your less fortunate sister or your self-sacrificing mother? You put yourself out for a friend, for a pet, for a loved one, but when do you get the opportunity to receive?

But you hesitate to do the easiest, smartest thing for your long-term happiness:. Apply to join me in Love U. It comes from deep, meaningful, human connection — and nothing is deeper, more meaningful and more fulfilling than a happy marriage.

I hope you challenged yourself on what you can do differently, and on understanding how men really think. No matter what, I remain committed to staying in touch with you and giving you as much valuable information as I can in my weekly newsletters, blog posts and podcasts. Click here before pm tonight to apply to apply to Love U and join other smart successful women who are also ready to live happily ever after. If Evan helped me figure this out?

He can do it for anyone. Easily the best and most healthy relationship of my life. Really happy. Evan helped me to attract and keep an amazing man who makes me feel special and cherished and oh, by the way? Now I feel as lucky and blessed in my relationship as I do in all the other areas of my life. I used to wonder how I managed to figure out everything in life but love. I thought the really amazing relationships were for someone else.

The adjustments I made were so minor, yet they had such an amazing impact on my life. Thank you, Evan, for everything. See you inside Love U! He uses his mind, always wants to learn, eats healthy, exercises. Deals with hard times by self reflection and making change if needed.

Emotionally and financially responsible. Has insight into his own issues and is aware of the world situation and works to make this a better world. These are the things I do for myself and I expect other adults, particularly by my age, to do the same. No one can make you whole or functional except yourself.

If your life seems currently overwhelming, you and you alone must figure out the solution and enter into change. As a guy, that sounds exhausting. That feels disingenuous. What Noquay asks for is much more realistic — at least it certainly describes me. She had Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Being married to that is soul crushing. I know how to screen for it now, and I run, far and fast. You call it exhausting.

I call it marriage. Two people who are givers, constantly giving. You know the best way to screen? Trust me, if you make it clear to women what you will and will not offer you will find the right buyer for exactly what you are selling.

Hm, perhaps this is a consequence of the US being a highly individualistic culture, but some of you seem a bit divorced from reality. It remains consistent in all human interactions. Personally, I like what Evan is pitching here. To me, those are not the same thing. I am a coach for women. I tell them to not settle for less. There was no balance in that pitch, and I know people who will take it literally, as written.

My ex would certainly love to be his client! Maybe I should refer her. Bob- I had the same reaction as you when I saw the title.

This one article was just a facet of it. My husband is an alpha male. Talk about narcissism…. Bob : which of these would you not do for your wife: drive her to the airport, some household chores, organise a trip, give her love, give support?

Which bit bothers you? Why I am headed back north. Yep, sometimes one does need others yet one should or often has to be in a place to meet ones own needs. When I was married back north, my husband and I had a good, albeit strange division of labor. He did the bills, the shopping, heavy lifting, tended the cars. Things have changed since then. At the time I also worked full time while they were retired. Such folk were discouraged from sticking around. Some meant well but did not have the health or stamina to do much of anything.

Very common. Finding a healthy partner online is a near impossibility. I learned to do repairs and built stairs, cabinets, outbuildings, on my own because that was the only way the work got done and was quality. Obese people of the kind found in the U. This has its drawbacks, but on the whole I find it an advantage. Most men here would rather die than see a woman pick up a hammer or drill in their presence if they themselves could do it.

Theirs is a universe of limited resources and a view that most everything in life is a zero-sum game. Your email address will not be published. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

You can also subscribe without commenting. I know something about you. You began reading my blog because you were frustrated with dating. Who could blame you? Online dating is a jungle. Hook-up culture can be soul-sucking. You provide a reality check and remind me that everyone has doubts and there is no one "normal" response to love and commitment. I am a firm believer in dating at least 4 seasons and we are already in our 3rd season of love.

We have discussed marriage and will revisit the idea this October. He makes me feel special, goes out of his way for me, doesn't keep me guessing about whether I'll hear from him, gives me his full attention.

Share Life is hard enough. It sucks. And nobody talks openly about it. Have you ever spent long nights on the phone counseling a dear friend? Have you ever spent thousands of dollars on veterinarian bills for a sick pet? Have you ever given more to a relationship than the relationship has given back to you? What we see here is not just that you are generous but you are actually generous to a fault. So, why am I bringing this up now, on the last day of this special Love U launch?

If anything, I wanted you to see something I see in you: You are so committed to giving to others that you may neglect your own needs. Not very often. This is your chance. You need to be as generous with yourself as you are with others. But you hesitate to do the easiest, smartest thing for your long-term happiness: Apply to join me in Love U. This is one area in which no one else can save you. I assure you: there is no better feeling in the world.

Give me 5 minutes a day and I will give you a husband. Many thanks and warmest wishes, Your friend, Evan P. April joined Love U three years ago.

Who will take care of you when you’re old? It’s probably not who you think

When in a relationship, how can you make a woman want to treat you well, be good to you, be attentive, be affectionate, be loving, be caring and so on? He already feels good and as a result, she feels like she needs to do something to feel needed and important in his life. Well, imagine that an emotionally needy man came home from work, he had a crappy day at work and he comes home and he meets up with his girlfriend or wife. Oh, my boss is being a pain in the ass. So, I really need a hug.

Setting aside the fact that I have not read the Fifty Shades series due to what has been described to me as the books' rather lackluster prose, sometime misogyny and excessively silly romantic situations, I would like to explore the idea that mature, confident, independent women do sometimes face the catch of wanting to be strong in the world while wanting to be 'taken care of' -- and not just sexually -- in romantic relationships. That is, some women want to be completely respected for their capabilities and strength of character while also wanting to be led, supported and cared for emotionally, socially and yes, sometimes even economically when they are with a man. The stronger a woman is emotionally or professionally in her daily life, the more she may desire some aspect of this.

After writing her first book on eldercare in the s, Joy Loverde was going around corporate America giving keynote speeches and brown-bag lunch seminars on how to care for aging parents. In her book, Loverde identifies obstacles and strategies for the later stages of life, including an age-friendly home checklist and statewide initiatives for dementia. She touches on proper health care planning and managing details even after death. Loverde: I talked to people who are 90 and years old and asked what are their biggest problems.

How to Attract a Man who Gives you EVERYTHING

Out of the million tax returns filed in the United States every year, about 1. Now imagine if there were 1. Given it is one of our mantras to always describe ourselves as middle class , being called financially average is a blessing. Regardless of what your true financial definition of rich is, your mission if you choose to accept, is to lock down one of the 1. Seriously, why bother trying to slave away for decades to become a millionaire when you can just marry one? And when you worry less about money, you get to fight more about all the other joys in a relationship. Most wealthy men are self-made. They may have studied hard in school, took some calculated risks, worked even harder on their ventures, and struck lucky gold. As a result, they keep on working to make their dreams happen, never taking for granted what they have. Given most rich men are self-made, they strongly do not believe in entitlement.

How to Get a Man to Take Care of You

Have you ever worked longer than expected because you took pride in your work and wanted to please your boss or client? Have you ever given an expensive gift to your less fortunate sister or your self-sacrificing mother? You put yourself out for a friend, for a pet, for a loved one, but when do you get the opportunity to receive? But you hesitate to do the easiest, smartest thing for your long-term happiness:. Apply to join me in Love U.

I used to grind my teeth at night.

Getting a man to take care of you in an age where independent women are the norm takes a specific skill set. But don't worry, you can easily learn them. We'll go over each of the skills individually. So what's the lure in having a man take care of you?

How to Make a Woman Treat You Well and Want to Take Care of You in a Relationship

Harold D. Edmunds is dedicated to helping others. He is an avid reader of the Bible.


How To Get A Rich Man To Be Your Boyfriend Or Husband


When a woman asks a rich man to see whether he'd like to join her at the Take interest in the source of his wealth and you will go farther than any other woman. Life with someone you care about is infinitely better than coming home to an.


Do All Men Secretly Want to Be Cared For?


Why Strong, Independent Women Just Want to Be Taken Care of (Sometimes)




How to Attract a Man who Gives you EVERYTHING



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