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The Mega Man X Legacy Collection puts the entire Mega Man X franchise together in one place, all of its hidden secrets, Easter eggs, and infamous catch phrases included. One of the most uncanny secrets throughout the eight games comes from Mega Man X2 , where X can learn the ultra-powerful Shoryuken punch from Street Fighter by completing a certain sequence of tasks. The Shoryuken is found on the third X-Hunter Level, two levels away from the end of the game. Once up there, defeat the Sniper Joe enemy and continue through the level. Enter the room, activate the capsule, and the Shoryuken is all yours! The Shoryuken is activated by inputting the same forward, down, and down-forward motion as Street Fighter and the shoot button.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Tutorial como conseguir Hadouken en Megaman X

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Megaman X2 - Conseguir el Shoryuken

10 Mega Man Facts You Probably Never Knew

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All of the Mega Man X Legacy Collection cheats are identical to the original games, and there are a few additional secrets to uncover.

In addition to galleries, achievements, and a new challenge mode, Mega Man X Legacy Collection has a few exclusive secrets. In either collection, choose to view the credits from the Options menu. You can move around and shoot the credits. If you cause enough damage, you'll hear a special tune. All of the cheat codes for the original games work in this collection, but there are some variations based on which version you're playing.

If playing on a different platform:. Repeat this process five or six times. Eventually, a capsule will appear containing the Hadouken power-up. There are two different endings. Which one you see depends on Zero's status at the end of the game. Zero and X have access to different weapons. Fortunately, the bosses are weak against each character's specific abilities. At the part with the spinning platform, drop down to the area below and follow the path to the right to find the armor inside a capsule.

Press L1, L1, L1, R2 at the main menu, then start a new game. After you rescue Zero, he will become the more powerful Nightmare Zero.

Codes for Mega Man X8 are listed by console. Tweet Share Email. The Nintendo Switch version does not support achievements. To unlock secret wallpapers:. Beat one game in each collection. Collect half of the Hunter Medals in each collection. Complete all Challenge mode stages in each collection to unlock secret tracks in the Museum. Obtain all of the X upgrades and four full energy tanks. Go to Armored Armadillo's level.

Ride the cart near the end of the level. Jump to the right as the cart runs off the track. Wall jump your way to the top of the platform, then quit the level. Mega Man X3 was released for multiple platforms in Mega Man X4 was released for multiple platforms in To get X's Ultimate Armor:.

Highlight X at the player select screen. Beat the first level. Enter Web Spider's level. To unlock Zero's black armor:. Highlight Zero at the player select screen. Hold R1 , then press Right six times.

Release R1. Hold Circle and press Start. Mega Man X5 was released for multiple platforms in Use different weapons for Zero and X. Highlight X on the character select screen and press up twice, then press down nine times. Highlight Zero on the character select screen and press down twice, then press up nine times. There are three endings depending on Zero's status at the end of the game. Ending 2 Beat the last stage as X without Zero on your side.

Ending 3 Beat the last stage as Zero. Mega Man X6 was released for multiple platforms in Mega Man X7 was released for multiple platforms in Use different weapons for X, Zero, and Axl. Unlockable Requirement Play as X. Rescue 65 reploids. Alternate X appearance Hold select and choose X at the character select screen. Mega Man X8 was released for multiple platforms in Enter the following codes at the Press Start screen. Beat the game with Axl, X, or Zero to see each character's respective ending.

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Mega Man X2 - Dragon Punch/Shoryuken FAQ

Deal with it. Luckily, you have me to guide you through the entire process. Or, use this handy password…..

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Light Capsule in Mega Man X3. Light created several capsules and hid them in different locations, all of them containing a hologram of Dr. Light, which gives a message for X and a power-up, usually parts of an armor , although in some games he also gives a full armor, chips that enhance the power of the current armor, or a secret technique. In some games like Mega Man X7 , Dr. Light's messages appear to be recorded reproductions, while in others like Mega Man X5 and Mega Man X6 it appears he is sentient and aware of his surroundings, interacting with the person that found the capsule and talking about recent events.

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No fancy layout or organized setup, just what you need to know to get this invaluable asset. So what is it, you ask? Well, veterans of the original MMX may remember a special secret that allowed players to gain an upgrade for X which allows him to use Ryu's fireball Hadoken. This is a tribute to another popular Capcom title which the same staff works on as well, Street Fighter. This time around, players got the Dragon Punch Shoryuken instead. So how do you go about getting it? Read on.

How do I obtain the dragon punch in Megaman X2?

Mega Man X can learn the Shoryuken by entering the game's secret capsule. X will surround his arm with fire and perform a powerful jumping uppercut in a spiraling recovery motion, causing massive damage to its targets. While it is believed to kill all bosses in one hit, it does not. If the edge of the boss is grazed, it takes heavy damage, but does not kill it entirely. Morph Moth will not be killed by the Shoryuken if hit in his cocoon form, but instead will take as much damage as could be inflicted to make him shift to his second form.

This guide will help you unlock the most power attack in Mega Man X2. The steps to unlock the Shoryuken are the same as they are for unlocking the Hadouken.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. I found an article here that will go into details with how to achieve The Hadouken and the Shoryuken.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection Cheats

OK, I have all 8 heart-tanks, all 4 sub-tanks, all 4 enhancements, and all 3 of Zero's parts. I went to X-hunter stage 3, Agile's, and proceeded to go through the level. To recap a bit: When I got to the top of the shaft where you must control an arrow-jet platform to proceed, I used the crystal weapon on a bat-bot in order to get to the upper ladder.

Starting another series of posts that we want to grow with Replay Games are people posting their reviews and thoughts on games they have been playing. To kick it off, here is one from the owner of Replay Games, Cassidy Schnase. Recently he finished Mega Man X2, and here are his thoughts. Mega Man X is one of all time favorite games and franchises, so naturally I was excited to take a stab at Mega Man X2. I am a bit ashamed to admit that I have only ever beaten the first Mega Man X, and only played bits and pieces of a few others in the series.

Mega Man X2

Brush up your skills, and aim the top ranking!! There are 60 in following stages, so there are 80 challenges altogether! And scroll your finger right and left then let it go; you can change the weapon quick and easy! This is a mostly solid port. Also, why are the stages not affected like in the original? But otherwise, I like the Achievement and Shop features, so beginners can get an easier start with the shop while veterans can use the Achievements to test their skills. The difficulty levels can let noobs get an easier time or pros can try to beat it on hard. I also love the second soundtrack you can get in the shop.

Following on from a similar video I did for Mega Man X's secret Hadouken weapon, this time around its Mega Man X2's turn - The difference being that this secret.

The game is developed by Capcom, and was originally released in for the Super Nintendo. Like Mega Man X, the Mega Man X2 tasks players with completing tough platforming stages, defeating bosses, and collecting their ultra-powerful weapons. It's tougher than the original, has some cool new features, and is an overall excellent followup.

Community Review: Mega Man X2 by Capcom

All of the Mega Man X Legacy Collection cheats are identical to the original games, and there are a few additional secrets to uncover. In addition to galleries, achievements, and a new challenge mode, Mega Man X Legacy Collection has a few exclusive secrets. In either collection, choose to view the credits from the Options menu.






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