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My [23 F] boyfriend [25 M] of 3 years, is flirtatious with mutual friend [21 F] and it's driving me insane Infidelity self. About a year ago, a new girl [21 F] was introduced to our friend group. Since then, we've had only one deep conversation but I wouldn't consider her to be anything more than an acquaintance. She "flirts with everyone," as defined by the rest of my friends.

Six months ago, I noticed her flirting with my current boyfriend subtly and for almost all of that time I shrugged it off. Recently, however, said friend's flirting has intensified and it began to bother me, since it feels rude and disrespectful to me. Talked to boyfriend on two occasions - the response was always "I don't reciprocate - you have nothing to worry about.

Attended a party last week with boyfriend, said friend, family, and some other friends. Flirting between boyfriend and friend was obvious, even to my sister, my own mother, and some friends. Felt devastated and talked to boyfriend one more time. He stated again that I have nothing to worry about and even if he flirts back he doesn't realize it.

Boyfriend actually flirted with friend. No longer feel assured actually, I feel like a crazy jealous bitch now, something I have always prided myself on not being. Boyfriend also suggested that I stop inviting friend to mutual gatherings yeah, like that could happen. Mutual gathering is coming up. Boyfriend asked if it was weird for him to invite the said friend.

I was in no position to say that it was weird because that I will actually be perceived as a crazy jealous bitch. Also, I find it pathetic that he had to ask me instead of realizing how I feel, despite me telling him on three separate occasions.

I am not sure what to do at this point. I don't want to lose boyfriend but I don't want to wait for the day he will break up with me for someone else. I don't want to talk to friend because I think it would be weird and I'm scared she will begin shit behind my back. I seriously feel like I'm obsessing about this and it's unhealthy. I feel crazy and I hate feeling this way. I could really use some advice on whether I should do anything at all or do nothing but keep feeling like this.

To do or not to do, that is the question. Newsflash, you feel insecure and jealous, because your boyfriend is engaging in activities of which the natural outcome is that you would feel insecure and jealous. He is embarrassing you on top of that, in front of your family, and making you feel like you're the crazy one. You're not crazy. Stand up for yourself and tell him this is becoming a dealbreaker and that you're not sure if you can be with someone who doesn't understand basic social cues to the point where they have no idea they are actively flirting for hours.

This isn't in your head, your own family noticed it. Stop letting your boyfriend treat you this way. If you don't make respect and acknowledgment of your feelings a requirement in your relationship, you're leaving the door open to be treated like a doormat. Thank you for this prompt reply, I really appreciate your feedback. I have a follow up question, if you don't mind.

Would telling him that be an ultimatum? Is a relationship that keeps moving because of an ultimatum might turn out ok or is it bound to be a disaster? I've never been in a situation like this but I've heard that ultimatums just kill relationships. I don't think it's an explicit ultimatum, but I guess someone could take it that way. Not disrespecting you in front of your family is a pretty basic requirement in any relationship.

If your relationship is doomed, it's because your boyfriend who has been with you for 3 years doesn't respect you, not because you ask for the respect you deserve. He's killing your relationship by making you doubt the security of your relationship, and even making you doubt your own sanity. Let me ask you, if you really, really think about it, is this the only thing he disrespects you about? Is this the only thing he dismisses your feelings about?

Not going to lie - yes. Until this, he has been absolutely respectful to me, which is why this probably this makes me feel more upset. That isn't an ultimatum; that is drawing boundaries to help your relationship remain healthy. Not an ultimatum but an explanation of the type of disrespectful behavior you find to be a dealbreaker. The former exists in unhealthy relationships, the latter in healthy ones. Look, you giving an ultimatum to your bf might be the tipping point of him realizing just how inappropriate his friendship with the said girl has become.

Then he'll probably be thankful that you gave him an ultimatum. The thing is - he doesn't even have to realize that you're right. All it takes are two things: 1. Him valuing relationship with you, and your comfort, more than his flirting with this girl 2. His acknowledgement that your discomfort is not completely, utterly bizzare and irrational. For heaven's sake, he knows that a lot of people have problems with their partners interacting in a certain manner with people of the opposite sex, and not all of them are jealous psychos.

If he builds resentment and that seems to be what you fear , it will have nothing to do with the ultimatum. It will only be a product of the fact that liked the attention of this girl more than his relationship with you - because that's what he's doing now, enjoying her attention.

Regardless of what is actually going on, make him understand that you care about people's perceptions. He's disrespecting you. Then tell him that when he flirts with her it hurts you and makes you doubt your relationship. His actions give you the answer. Because women don't want to be perceived as weak or crazy. It's just not men that pass judgement, it's often other women in an attempt to make themselves look better, and therefore more desirable, in comparison.

Even though when you get down to brass tacks none of us would want to put up with that shit. If you don't make him realise that you feeling comfortable and secure in your relationship is a requirement, not a flimsy, passing want, then he will not treat your feelings appropriately. They are the natural reaction to an upsetting situation. I would be heartbroken if my boyfriend did this to me - trust me. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your comment.

I was also baffled by all the people fearing they'll look insecure - guess what, those feelings are sometimes perfectly justified like in this case , and there is nothing immature about them. And the thing is, vast majority of people experience them in certain situations, but then some try to convince themselves that they have to be mature enough to not be bothered by obvious disrespect by their partners.

Seriously, this is so annoying to read. Just tell him how yoy really feel, your feelings and concerns are valid.

This is my question- why is he the one to be inviting her in the first place? If it's a mutual gathering, presumably someone else would have invited her, no? It's inappropriate for her boyfriend to be the one asking her to come when OP's already expressed discomfort with their relationship. I hate that shit. So, she oversteps everyone's boundaries so let's just say it's okay cause it's her personality?

Everyone here is giving you great advice, just my two cents I guess, I don't have patience for that BS and you shouldn't either. There was a post on here about 2 weeks ago by a girl whose friends all cut her off because they said she flirted with all of their boyfriends. That OP was hurt and surprised by their accusation, but the friend in this story is the exact same way. This is the same type of person that OP was.

Eventually people get sick of that shit. If he's clearly flirting and then on top of that he invites her to a gathering she might not otherwise attend, you're not being unreasonable. It seems like he's not admitting what's going on here. The gut feeling is always right on this sub so you need to go with that!

I would be very hnest about it. Say you feel uncomfortable that even your family notices that she flirts with him and is hitting on him, and that you would appreciate if he would stop interacting on such a level until you get more comfortable. Thank you for your response. The ones I talked to about it say that she just flirts with everyone. Which would be fine if this wasn't a mutual friend and it didn't make me feel bad like this.

Even if he's telling the truth, he completely humiliated you in front of your family. That, alone, is enough reason to be totally pissed. You're not being insecure or crazy at all.

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But covid has introduced a new dimension to the subreddit boasting 2. Social distancing mandates have placed extra significance on who one is isolated with—by choice or otherwise—and confined at home there are limited authorities to adjudicate any strife. He specified that his answers apply to other lead moderators as well. Most of the relationship advice has been doled out the same as it always has, with just an added dose of public safety: Keep self-isolating, be practical, and break up with that asshole already. What the fuck am I supposed to do? One woman lamented about her partner ignoring the social distancing suggestions and complained that he was going on bar crawls, booking a roundtrip flight on the cheap, and ignoring her precautions because he believed covid was overhyped. As a hospital employee, the poster was aware the issue was serious, and once she threatened to quit seeing him if he continued to ignore social distancing, he apologized and got the hint. Or so she thought:. They had a cousin get together today and he went shopping with his dad. He hung out with his brother the other day.


About Us FAQ. Or, Message The Moderators for all other information. This sub is about helping people in need - If you are not providing such help i. Please report comments that you feel are in violation of these guidelines to keep discussions constructive. At any time mods may remove or refer posts to other subs as we deem appropriate, and our decisions are final.

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