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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Muscat with a dating guide then we have you covered. This may not be a great city for single men but we will do our best to tell you about where you can pick up single women and also some great spots to take them out on a date night. Table of Contents. We always like to begin with the nightlife even if it is a bit lacking in Oman.



The Best Way to meet the girls (as friend)

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Omani relationships have changed. Dating and pre-marital relationships in Oman are still taboo subjects. Divorces here are on the rise, according to new research, as the tradition of arranged marriages is spurned by the younger generation. Figures from the Department of Marriage Registration revealed that divorces in the country increased by 12 per cent last year. The trend puts arranged marriages under the spotlight, with couples apparently opting to divorce and find a partner on their own terms.

Y spoke to three different people, two men and a woman, about their experiences of dating and marriage. What emerged is clear evidence of a social shift and a growing split along generational lines in attitudes towards marriage.

Social media has opened up a brave new world to the modern generation, where talking to the opposite sex is possible just by logging on. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers in bedrooms are all commonplace, allowing access anywhere and at any time of day. More male and female youth are also attending university or go to work in mixed offices, allowing more opportunities to meet the opposite gender.

Women are now more confident and aware, in and out of the office, and want a husband who agrees with their modern view on life. In the past, men and women would marry before the age of Today, many young people are still unmarried at 25 or 26 and, if they do marry, will insist on choosing their own spouse. The stories that follow are meant to give an accurate reflection of dating and modern marriage in Oman today, told in their own words.

Since we live in Oman and it is a Muslim country, dating is frowned upon. Traditionally men and women are brought together through family connections, often with the help of a matchmaker, for marriage only. And in a country where everyone knows everyone else, gossip spreads like wildfire. I am half Palestinian and was raised in many different places. I have experienced life outside of the Gulf, so it is safe to say that I have a more western mentality. That is why I prefer to date a girl from the Sham countries, because it would be easier to talk to her and get on.

However, the practical reality is that dating an Omani limits the chances of meeting up and sharing my day and even life with her. One of the most common problems with dating Omani girls is the limitation of places to go. Since all the popular places are mostly infested with people, a couple will most probably bump into a relative or friend, and because the relationship is usually secret, talk will start.

There is another problem. Trying to be cute can be adorable but overdoing it is just too much to handle. Shyness is common and some girls are so timid that you cannot hear their voices when they speak, or they will giggle for no reason.

That is not true at all — I just want a confident and strong woman that acts her age. This is not a complaint, just an observation based on my experience. I know there are a lot of strong, independent and confident women out there.

And of course there are a lot of respectable Omani girls that really do want to find their Prince Charming and share their lives. But parents, honour and reputation are holding them back. Despite all the obstacles though, they have a few tricks up their sleeves. Sometimes lying to parents can get them what they want, and that would be a date. It is a lot of work for girls, but I do understand that parents are also afraid for their daughters.

They are afraid she will be betrayed and have her heart broken or something more serious will happen. In my opinion, parents should stop living in the Stone Age, and be more open-minded.

Some are, yet many are not. Not all men are bad people, and the only way to gain trust is to meet the man or boy, see what kind of person they are and hopefully trust him enough to take care of the girl and respect her in the utmost manner.

When I married my husband, I had only seen him four times, mostly viewed from a window. On my wedding day, I did not recognise him when he first approached me. I had to do what my family wanted. I was very lonely. We were married for nine years and then divorced.

He was a good man but we both agreed to end the marriage. That was two years ago and my life is better now I am working and have friends. One of my sisters has just got married and she married for love.

I know girls who go on dates now. They have to keep it a secret, and can never let their parents know. They would be so angry. My brothers are able to date but we are not. I meet men through work and sometimes friends will introduce potential boyfriends. They will come up to you and give you their phone number and if you like them, you contact them. I would prefer to get to know someone first.

A friend uses Facebook though. She meets boys there and in chat rooms. If I ever went on a date, I would go to a restaurant or the beach. I would get into trouble if my family or a neighbour saw me out with a man. Some people think that as this is an Arab country, the girls are just sitting at home alone.

We are not. I know one girl who got into trouble and had to get help. There are places you can go. She was very upset because she was in love but the moment the man found out, he did not want to know her. He was just using her. A lot of guys are like that. Married men are like that too. It is also well known that girls can travel to seek help before they get married. I heard of a girl who was afraid that she would get into trouble when she got married and wanted to go abroad.

The whole dating thing needs to be more open but not too much. We are Muslim and I think too much freedom would be a bad thing. I am 30 now but hope that I will marry again one day. I sometimes feel tired of being lonely.

But if I do marry, I will not make a mistake again. I will marry for love only. It is a matter of honour, reputation and well-being for both man and woman. If you want to meet up with a girl or boy, you have to meet through the right channels. I come from Barka. My sister, my mother and some other family members met my future wife and her mother at a wedding party. They thought she was good for me and the first meeting was arranged. We had to ask about her family, then my mother and sister went to her house.

Then they told her about me. She said she was interested but we would have to check with her parents. This is the traditional Omani way. When I first met her at her house I came with my aunties and some neighbours.

When I entered the living room it was full of ladies sitting on sofas. There were a lot of hellos. She was shy and hid from me at first. Then everyone left the room and we had a chance to talk.

It was a bit awkward at first but we agreed to meet again. In the course of a year, I met her many times and got to know her. Dating has become more typical for the new generation but, according to custom, couples can only meet independently when they have the Malka.

It is almost like an engagement. She has to say yes or he will not authorise it. The Malka ceremony takes place at the mosque — only men attend. After this the couple can go out together but they will not sleep with each other.

The engagement can go on for six months or longer, and that gives time for the couple to get to know each other. This system will survive.

Even people with a so-called open mind still build a majlis in their home, because male and female guests all meeting in the same room is not acceptable in traditional Omani culture. I can say that any couple that is dating will be scared to reveal this in public.

Because it is wrong.

Meet Oman Girls

Omani men have such a confidence that every person is attracted towards him. This is the biggest reason of their success in all fields and especially when it comes to getting hooked up with a girl. They know exactly how to use their strategy. That manly power which can dominate and impress a girl in one instant and the other instant that girl is following them.

Yemen State City show photo personals only. Quick Statistics Are you curious about how many Muscat single women visit our website? How about the gender distribution?

Omani relationships have changed. Dating and pre-marital relationships in Oman are still taboo subjects. Divorces here are on the rise, according to new research, as the tradition of arranged marriages is spurned by the younger generation. Figures from the Department of Marriage Registration revealed that divorces in the country increased by 12 per cent last year.

Find Girl friend in Oman

Many Omani girls are well educated and often participate in politics and society and they play an important role in the country's workforce. Popular careers include the public sector, education and health. In addition, girls in Oman typically also take care of household matters and look after the children. Come ride the magic carpet with me. Let's be awesome together. Pack your bags, you've found me. Let's make du'a together. Omani girls dress modestly, typically wearing a black abaya and covering their hair in public. Girls from specific social classes may also wear the burqa. What they like to wear under the abaya varies from person to person but it is not uncommon to wear luxury designer clothes underneath.

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I have seen in couple of years that Oman is turning the height of sucess, but also we should see how to fix the lonliness in after daily work activity.


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