Bank transfer

You can use bank transfer to pay for your order. When you order, you will be able to see an invoice and bank transfer details, but I recommend not to pay your order until it is ready for mail and we know the actual shipping cost. You will receive an e-mail notification when the order is ready. 

If payment has to be made before the order is ready (e.g. for budget reasons) we will refund extra shipping cost (or charge in the unlikely event that the shipping estimate was too low)


You can pay via PayPal with your credit card or from your PayPal account. This is a recommended option especially if you are ordering download items.  PLEASE NOTE:   When you make your payment, PayPal transfer costs of 1 euro + ca. 4% of order value are not showing on your payment. - this cost will be added when the payment is finalized via PayPal!


CHEQUES  ARE NOT ACCEPTED  (not even Eurocheques).