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Salsvikintie 89
21600  Parainen,  FINLAND 
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Godly Play Materials is actually just one person.  My name is Johanna Kaarto-Wallin and I am a Godly Play Trainer and materials maker. I live and work in the Finnish archipelago, on an island in the Baltic Sea, basically in the middle of woods. 

In this picture are the two people who got me hooked in Godly Play - Jerome Berryman and my sister Elina Kaarto on the right.  She  was one of the 3 first Finnish people to take GP core training in England.

Johanna, Jerome and ElinaShe told me she had found something mindblowing, and asked me to make some materials for her.

I made her a few things, her colleaques at the trainings in Finland saw them, and fairly soon I had to decide whether to continue at my full time job or make materials for Godly Play.  After my own core training the choice wasn't even really difficult.


In 2005,  I arranged to meet Jerome Berryman to show him the materials I had made, and eventually signed a licence agreement with the Godly Play Foundation. I also took part in a trainer-training and  have been making materials and training Godly Play, both in Finland and in Sweden,  ever since.

The work with Jerome Berryman and Godly Play Foundation continues - I show Jerome the materials I make, he gives his input and we make changes until we are both happy - sometimes this is a loong process!

Unfortunately, making Godly Play materials is not something I can do full time.  I had to take a part time job which helps so that I can keep doing the the Godly Play things I love. This means that my delivery times are sometimes long, so please forgive me for that and thankyou for your patience!